Blue Sky White Clouds. South Korean Practice of Meong

Are You Staring Into Space Lately? It’s a Thing

Are You Staring Into Space Lately? It’s a Thing

If staring into space doesn’t do it for you, how about gazing into a fire, or at leaves shimmering on the trees (they will come back, I promise), or at your cat’s fur, glossy in the sun (guilty), or at a loved one’s face (also guilty), or at a sunset, the ocean, or whatever moves you?

Turns out there is a name for that. Maybe you are familiar with the South Korean practice of meong?

I love this article in the Guardian about it.

What a great way to take the pressure off the idea of a daily “practice” relieve stress, enjoy nature, and prevent burnout.

Being still without the pressure of a focused meditation or goal orientation. We often have a negative connotation with daydreaming or doing nothing and this idea dispels that.

Some of my favorite times are sitting in front of a fire being mesmerized, or feeling my stress ease when I’m outside listening to the sounds of nature and letting my focus go a little soft. By allowing our attention and vision to wander, we can find inspiration and respite in both our inner and outer worlds.

Here are some other resources and ideas of mine.

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