Are you a Chameleon?

Are you a chameleon? It may help you in certain situations. Blending into your environment, and knowing instinctively what others want from you, can be good survival tools. But it may hurt you in the long run, when it’s hard to stop shifting to accommodate others and simply be you. If you can identify, and you know it isn’t working for you any more, join me for Your Energy Ecosystem©.

Or maybe you are the good listener who becomes an energetic landfill for others, and can’t clear what’s been dumped on you any more. Perhaps you need so much time alone to tolerate the world that your personal relationships are suffering. If these are not your personalities, come and learn what your energy personality is, and how to keep yourself safe and healthy as you navigate the energetic landscape. 

I see many clients who struggle with boundaries. Some feel battered and baffled by their interactions with other people, and the world at large, and wind up exhausted.  Everyone needs tools to protect themselves energetically, and ways to clear the residue of difficult interactions. My goal for this class is to help you feel more in control of your life though understanding how your energy, and the energy you live in, works.

We live surrounded by our physical environment; however, we also live immersed in the energetic ecosystem. Your energy ecosystem is as beautiful and complex as the physical ecosystem, and similarly, understanding the terrain makes navigating it safer and more enjoyable. This class helps you map how your personal energy interacts with the larger energy ecosystem and equips you to prepare, protect and enjoy yourself as you move through the world.

DATE: Saturday, November 9
TIME: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
COST: $150 ($50 discount for both classes that weekend. Cultivating Peace & Power Shamanically is Nov 10)

For more details and to register, visit Events page. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Wishing you a peaceful heart,

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