Animal-Human Bond at Catskill Animal Sanctuary for Columbia SMBI

Animal-Human Bond at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Enatured© and Shining Bright Without Burning Out for Columbia University Teachers College SMBI

I absolutely loved spending time at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary! What an amazing place filled with lovely people and extraordinary animals. When Dr. Lisa Miller invited me to teach for the Animal-Human Bond course through Columbia University Teachers College, there were many literal and figurative ways it felt like coming home. Dr. Miller is the founder of The Spiritual Mind Body Institute, a resource within psychology to recognize the value of spirituality and nature. She is also a best selling author: The Awakened Brain and The Spiritual Child.

The Catskill Animal Sanctuary is the perfect setting to let the wisdom of place, the animals, and nature take center stage. We used the Enatured© method as our framework. We also included some of the energetic boundaries work from Shining Bright Without Burning Out.

As lovers of animals, many of us are easily overwhelmed when hearing of their mistreatment and abuse. Seeing them living in this idyllic place offers hope. Learning how to work together to protect them and each other is big work. I was honored to spend time there, to work with Dr. Miller and the staff of the SMBI, and all the beings at The Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Do visit if you can. Visit the farm on Instagram. Visit me as well!

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