About Mara Bishop, M.S., Th.M., C.S.C., Reiki Master

Mara Bishop is a shamanic practitioner, intuitive consultant, teacher, author, and artist.

In her private practice, Mara combines intuitive consultations, shamanic healing, and energetic healing. Her Personal Evolution Counseling™ provides each client with an integrated approach to spiritual healing, personal growth and emotional well-being. She works with clients locally, nationally and internationally. Mara's clients come from many states in the U.S., and from countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Mara has worked in the fields of intuition and shamanism since 1995. Mara holds master’s degrees in Energy Medicine and Theology and a bachelor’s degree in Art and Communications. She is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Three–Year Program in Advanced Shamanism and Shamanic Healing with Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman, and Sandra Ingerman’s Teacher Training program in Shamanic Journeying and Healing. Mara has completed advanced studies in Shamanism with Betsy Bergstrom and is a facilitator in the Shamanism Without Borders program. She is the only Harner Certified Shamanic Counselor® in North Carolina, and is also a Reiki Master Teacher.

Mara is the author of the book Inner Divinity: Crafting Your Life with Sacred Intelligence© and the companion CD of guided meditations.

Mara has presented at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Medical Center, Duke University, the Rhine Research Center, and Newthought Clearinghouse, among other groups. She teaches workshops on shamanic journeying, intuition, spiritual healing and many of the topics covered in Inner Divinity©. Mara has also been authorized by Sandra Ingerman to teach Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Death and Dying, Medicine for the Earth, and Healing with Spiritual Light.

Mara's Philosophy

My philosophy evolves, as I do, but I always come back to the power of the natural world to help me keep my footing. The spirit of nature infuses my personal world and my professional world. It is one of the aspects of shamanism that engages me consistently and profoundly. Nature speaks to us if we stop and listen. Shamans of all ages knew this. Being in nature reactivates our connection to our source. It reminds us of our animal nature and of our divine nature. Being in nature helps break down the barriers our egos have created. It allows us to shift more easily to receptive states where we can hear our own instinctive voices as we hear the wind in the trees. The warmth of the sun on our faces rekindles the knowledge that we’re not alone in the universe. Being in nature makes it easy to look through our shaman’s eyes, to see the interconnection between all beings and the larger patterns at play. Nature creates a space where we can find union with each other and with God.

You may feel like the world is shifting under your feet and it’s hard to stay balanced. You may have friends and family, a doctor or a minister, a therapist or all of the above. However, now may be the time to try something new, because what you are experiencing doesn’t fit neatly into any category from your past. Maybe you feel something welling up inside and sense change is coming whether you like it or not. You’d like to figure out how to respond to this sense of urgency (or gentle voice, or feeling that something is not quite right in your life) proactively rather than reactively. You need a place that is safe and sacred, welcoming whatever your beliefs are, wherever you are on your journey. My goal is to provide that sacred space, to be a catalyst for you to connect to your internal and external sources of spiritual support, guidance and healing.

The following radio interview was conducted in 2009 when Mara appeared as a guest on the radio show, "Wisdom's Soft Whisper", a segment that is broadcast every Tuesday by WCOM-LP 103.5 FM radio in Chapel Hill and Carrboro NC.


Inner Divinity:

Crafting Your Life
With Sacred Intelligence


  • Spirit really shines through you. You're luminous.

    — W.C., Durham NC —

Mara Bishop

M.S. Energy Medicine
Master of Theology, C.S.C.


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