9/16 Class Helps With Strong Boundaries While Staying Compassionate

When times are individually and collectively intense it can be hard to find the balance between having strong boundaries and keeping our compassion and empathy.

In my next class, Navigating the Energy Ecosystem coming up on Saturday, September 16th, our focus is on being able to do both: staying balanced and strong energetically and staying compassionate and intuitive. When we are porous energetically, and unable to adjust when the situation calls for higher levels of impermeability, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with energy of other people and environments. Sometimes our best defense (usually subconsciously) is to shut down so we feel even less. Unfortunately, we can then start to feel numb to the things that bring joy, to our inner wisdom, to relationships and intimacy.

In this class, we’ll work on some simple methods to understand your energetic personality – who you are innately and how you respond instinctually to the energy of people and places.

You’ll develop a tool kit of ways to have more control over your energetic body and boundaries, and see first hand the difference they will make in experiential exercises.

I’ll give you some strategies for managing the three phases of preventive energy medicine.

This article on the effects of energetic “skin care” is relevant to the work we will be doing in this class. Our skin is our largest physical boundary, and here are some good parallels between physical and energetic skin care.

More information about the class and to register.

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Wishing you a peaceful heart,

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