365 Journeys

A new way to bring shamanism into every day

This virtual shamanic guide includes ideas developed from my 20 years experience in journeying and makes it easy for you to seed your practice with daily ideas for your own journeys or meditations.

Each day a new journey will be delivered automatically to your inbox and will greet you each morning. You don’t need to remember to do anything, just open for the day’s idea. Then it’s up to you how, or if, you use it. No pressure, just gentle, ongoing support in your practice.

365 Journeys helps you learn, heal and evolve through your personal practice of shamanism. Optional journeys incorporate seasonal and personal cycles, helping you stay connected to your innate sources of wisdom and those that surround you in the natural and spiritual worlds.

  • A virtual shamanic guide
  • Journeys evolved from 20 years experience
  • 365 individual journeys for a full year of shamanic practice
  • Can be used for meditation, prayer or contemplation
  • $36.50 a year

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I look forward to connecting with you this year!


Inner Divinity:

Crafting Your Life
With Sacred Intelligence


  • Spirit really shines through you. You're luminous.

    — W.C., Durham NC —

Mara Bishop

M.S. Energy Medicine
Master of Theology, C.S.C.


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