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365 Journeys Circle begins. Will you be there?

365 Journeys Circle begins. On September 10, 2001 I co-founded a journeying circle with a dear friend. I’ll never forget the date that circle began because when we woke up the next morning our lives changed. It was 9/11. Those two days were quite a contrast. That circle lasted over 17 years. Some things changed. People joined, people left, we met in different places, we grew older and more comfortable with each other. Some things stayed the same. We had remarkable experiences connecting with spirit in our individual journeys, and as a grou when the synchronicities blew our minds a little (or a lot). I’ve started or belonged to quite a few groups over the years. It’s always fascinating to watch what happens.

The new 365 Journeys Circle starts tomorrow Thursday 10/21/21 and I’m getting excited. Some wonderful people are coming. All the preparation that goes into gatherings like this is important, but one of the mysterious ingredients is, Who will come. Human, animal (one of my favorite parts about working on line is getting to see people’s pets ), and spirit. Who will come? Another is, What will be sparked? Of course I’ve got something planned. But that’s a jumping off point to help us get going. We’ll be helped to get what we need when we are together. From each other, from spirit.

Whether we connect once or for the next 20 years, I’m looking forward to seeing who will be there and what will happen that is beyond my planning. Will you join us and see for yourself? RSVP now to join.

The 365 Journeys Circle is based on Shamanism for Every Day. Having a copy is helpful, but not required. We will meet monthly on the third Thursdays at 5:30 pm Eastern time. See the Calendar for upcoming dates.

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